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Raves & Reviews

“I think they have fantastic flavors. I like that they’re made with good ingredients. I have a bar pretty much every day…”

Lauren C, Sherman Oaks, CA

“Flavor’s great… no aftertaste, and they’re really filling which I love! My cholesterol has gone down about 60 points.”

Erica L, Camarillo, CA

“We found them at Costco a few years ago…my favorite flavor is White Chocolate Macadamia Nut…Delicious, and they work!”

Marco V, Tustin, CA

What’s your favorite Corazonas flavor? At the AARP Life@50 event last month, we asked fans of Corazonas to reveal theirs.

AARP Life@50 Event

My story is probably like many others. I have been worried about my cholesterol for several years since it runs in my family. My dad and brother both have cholesterol problems and I just knew I was next. But more than worrying about my health, I worried about what I could eat. Those baked snacks seem like such a sacrifice. And when I cheat, I feel awful. Then I discovered your chips. Finally, someone figured out how to give me everything. It’s so liberating and your snacks have actually helped me make other healthy choices too. I’m seeing the doctor next week and I’m sure the news is going to be as good as a bag of Corazonas.

Kelsey J., Helena, MT

I recently told a friend about Corazonas and she wanted to see the bag. “These are fried,” she said, aghast. “How could these be healthy?” So I emailed your customer service people and found out that your ingredient has to be consumed with a modest amount of fat to get into the bloodstream and do its job. So fried makes sense. Plus, I see you use good oils, which makes me feel better. Thanks for the explanation and for the great snacks.

Nancy M., Denver, CO

High cholesterol is one of those things not a lot of people talk about. Maybe that’s why I’ve heard heart disease called the silent killer. Thank goodness I discovered Corazonas. It was actually my doctor who turned me on to your snacks, right after he told me my LDL was high. But now, I have what I feel is an ally as I fight this thing. And it’s so much better than eating nothing but rabbit food all day (although I suppose I should say, eating your snacks has actually helped me look for ways to be healthier while enjoying food – my new favorite is roasting vegetables in the oven – really good). I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, send chips!!!

Gary B., Portland OR

I do not know how you manage to do so much with your chips and squares. First, I heard they lower cholesterol, so I thought, “they probably taste bad.” But they’re great. Then I look at the label and see so much more good news, like healthy oils and lower sodium, there are even whole grains in there. I love to put your chips out at parties and watch people eat them just like they were pure, indulgent junk food. Then I tell them they’re lowering their cholesterol. You should see the reaction. I love Corazona’s chips!! :) Keep up the great work!

Sherry L., Los Angeles, CA

I started on your chips about a year ago and tried your 28 day challenge. I have to admit, I fell off the wagon because it was hard for me to eat two servings of chips every day. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a bag in my pantry, I just can’t do two servings a day. But now, I see you have your Oatmeal Squares and they have twice the amount of your plant sterols. So one bar a day will do the job. I skipped breakfast for years, but these squares are so good with coffee and easy too. So I’m back on the plan. Talk to you in a month. Thanks.

Kyle B., San Diego, CA

I am pumped as I just got back my cholesterol test results and I saw a 31-point drop in my LDL “bad” cholesterol since my last test. I am addicted to your new Oatmeal Squares and they surely seem to be doing the job of helping me lower my bad cholesterol. Now if I could only get my HDL “good” cholesterol numbers up I would be even more excited. Daily exercise and taking fish oil pills apparently isn’t cutting it for my good cholesterol. Thanks for these great tasting hard working snacks.

Kendell H., New York, NY