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Our Mantra

We refuse to believe that worries of high cholesterol must take the joy out of life!

This statement drives everything we do, and is the result of personal experience. We’ve all seen loved ones have to give up their favorite foods – especially their snacks. But giving up taste does not have to be synonymous with your goal of lowering cholesterol. We found a way to turn the tables and give you the Freedom to Snack™ with a little known secret from nature: plant sterols.

We believe taking control of your diet and your lifestyle leads to a positive change.

We named our company after the Spanish word for heart: corazón. Our passion is creating great tasting, all-natural snacks that are truly good for your heart. Start lowering your cholesterol and exercise your Freedom to Snack™ with the Corazonas Heart Healthy Toolkit. Get information about how to navigate a food label, learn how plant sterols really work, get heart-healthy shopping lists, recipes and more!  Get started now!